Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Snow Day(s)

We're buried! About 12" of snow, 35 mph winds, and -50 degree windchills filled our weekend and the first part of the week.

I use the term "snow day" rather loosely. Even though the county had closed all roads and nobody was allowed out except emergency workers, I got several messages from my managers making it clear that I was expected to be at work. Jon brought me in on Monday, as there was no way the Malibu was making it out of our unplowed, drifting, neighborhood.

After working a full day, I was informed that legally I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital since the roads were closed -- I was only allowed to COME to work. The hospital told us that police officers were fining people returning home $500 to $2500 for being out. Our CEO told us that our safety was "first priority" (although ... apparently only AFTER I had seen all the patients) and recommended we sleep at the hospital. Um, no thank you.

Millie is very displeased that we won't let her outside.

We're thankful for a warm house, 4 wheel drive, and some sun today to begin to melt the roads! Stay warm!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Kitchen Updates

This winter we haven't done many house projects, but recently we made some updates in our kitchen.

This faucet (my Christmas present) is a Ruvati commercial-style pullout spray faucet. It switches to and from the spray setting by twisting the end of the faucet head. We bought it from with one of their holiday %-off coupons. Almost makes you want to come over and wash my dishes, right?

Below is the "Before" shot of our old faucet. It still worked fine, and we gave it to friends who were excited to inherit a faucet with a pullout sprayer.

We also switched out the glass shades on the kitchen pendant lights. They were a yellow nearly-opaque glass that I didn't like. They always were dirty always looked dirty, didn't give off much light, and the bare lightbulb hung out the bottom of them. (You can't tell in this picture).

One particularly aggravating Saturday, we hunted EVERYWHERE for a shade that we preferred. Fail. We gave up and ordered these from West Elm. They were back ordered. Here they are!

Since the bulbs are exposed, we used Edison bulbs with the fancy filaments. Those two updates really changed the feel of our kitchen! We also have a tile order on backorder, so expect a backsplash sometime in early February!

Tonight, we're staying in. All the roads in our county are closed due to winter weather, and the wind chill is supposed to dip down to -50. Jon has already snowblowed the driveway three times today. Unfortunately, I am the closest employee to work so there will be no snow day for me tomorrow!

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